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Summary:  About Relevance

If your tech business is perceived as irrelevant, you may not be seen nor heard.  Potential buyers pay less attention if at all.

And how can you possibly win new business over companies that are identified as relevant?

Possessing relevance piques interest, grabs attention, and motivates industry executives to find out more. It helps your brand get discovered. Your company secures traction and mindshare.  

This is where TechSposure public relations can help.

We build an associative program for you to strengthen your relevance, trust and confidence.  Here's how we do it.  

We create a "portfolio of success" on your behalf to show your prospective new customers what you offer and how you can help them.   

Relevance Grader: Take the Corporate Relevance Test

Take a look at these assessment questions to see if your company is relevant in the industry. 

Let's Get You Started on the Path to Relevant Growth

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Many small and medium-sized tech organizations with outstanding products, services and solutions are ready to emerge in the marketplace but need professional representation to help them become relevant.  

Sales, marketing and a website are helpful but they're really in need of third-party endorsements, stronger industry awareness, and greater reach in the public marketplace. 

This is where TechSposure comes in. We can help your company with the following: 

>   Develop & communicate your message

>   Strengthen interest, demand & inbound

​>   Reach out to buyer audiences

​>   Build relationships with stakeholders 

​>   Add inbound to outbound PR efforts

>   Becoming relevant!

PR Experience:

27 Years

If you're a tech startup we can get you going on the path to being relevant. Startups have several tasks when forming and launching. PR is one of those tasks.


TechSposure execs have launched several young companies and their products and we understand the startup process. We'll get you up-to-speed ASAP by launching an entire PR program that will resonate with buyers, press, analysts, venture capitalists, employees, customers, partners, and other targets and stakeholders. 

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We'll Help You Stand Out from the Crowd By:


1. Defining your buyer/business

2. Differentiating your message/position

3.  Deploying relevance strategies

4. Dominating your market/competition

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Clients Served:

75 Companies

Various established companies over the years have come to us and said they were referred by someone in the industry and that they needed a change in communication strategy or their PR program to take their company to the next level.


TechSposure has a proven track record of helping companies looking to transform their market exposure, and can almost certainly improve results and reduce costs.  


We can provide a complete program, work with internal staff to augment efforts, or provide individual offerings such as tech PR, digital PR, media relations, analyst relations, content marketing, blogging, or social media.  ​

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