So much experience, not enough room to tell our story.

Over the years, we've done a lot of PR for not only companies but well-known business executives, luminaries, authors, and officials who presented at our client's events.  We've also done a lot of PR to help launch emerging technologies in the market. And, along the way, we've secured some big stories and earned some praise. Here are just a few highlights....











































"Our board is pleased, our investors are happy, our product sales are picking large part due to your public relations work."
Gail Greenwald, COO, Caveo Technology  

Secured two cover stories about Steve Ballmer's presentation at DCI in Phoenix. 


* Launched 1st data warehousing event.

* Helped bring data mining to market.

* Launched 1st BI event.

* Launched 1st CRM event. 


Placed front page story in Arizona Republic for data mining technology in Phoenix. 

A joint presentation at DCI in New York took place between a senior developer at IBM and the NBA about data mining. We got a story about the technology on NBC. 

We worked with several reporters and photographers from Newsweek to get our client and spokesperson featured in this international cover story about the Y2K issue.


"The winner for this year's Gold Medal Award for Excellence in Media Relations is Dave Costello and Art Sesnovich for their outstanding technology PR work."

Cover Story for Client

Title: CRM Inner Workings
Sum: Secured cover story for client's new CRM technology solution.

Cover Story for Client 

Title: Enterprise integration for e-commerce
Sum: Bylined article was cover story


EAI Magazine

"Dave has done a phenomenal job handling the public relations for our company. PR is an important component of our business strategy as we built our brand equity. In the first 12 months, Dave secured 2 cover stories and a plethora of other coverage. I would recommend Dave to anyone interested in leveraging the power of the press," Greg Ehrlich, COO. 

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