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Technology Fields

What type of tech companies can we support?....any type. Sure, we're one of the most experienced PR firms for data management technologies, e-business, apps and business software, IT services, and others, but that being said, we have the tech PR process down to a science (with a splash of art) and can help any firm with an idea and concept to deliver. 

Tech-Focused PR

TechSposure is a Boston-based tech PR firm with a remote site just outside Silicon Valley. We have represented tech companies from around North America and have relationships -- developed over 20 years -- with press, analysts, and influencers throughout the same region. There are many public relations firms to choose from, as well as marketing companies and digital marketing agencies, the key is having a top public relations firm on board that focuses on bottom line results as the rest of the corporate team. Balance sheets don't have a line item for effort. 

Vertical Industries 

What industries do we have experience in? Almost any industry where tech companies sell product and services. We have helped so many companies test a new industry, penetrate the market, or strengthen its presence. You name it and we likely have secured coverage in the sciences, government, healthcare, retail, education, and so on. 


We have launched numerous technologies in the market. We have launched numerous companies and products....announcements and stories. We develop blog programs, new content, product launches. We can work with any company with a technology focus looking to increase sales, awareness, and credibility. Are you hidden in search won't be. 


We have also helped startups, small, medium, large organizations....private, public, or going public. We have done mergers and acquisitions, company or product selloffs, crisis management---all centered around technology. 


B2B - B2C - B2G -- Our business is tech PR. 



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