TechSposure is not merely an agency, it's a proven practice -- a comprehensive methodology.  The name of our consultancy is derived from what we deliver:  exposure for technology companies. We help tech SMBs align with market influencers to help reach new potential customers and strive to drive interest and demand. 

We work with tech companies to formulate their best possible PR strategy to implement across markets with the intention of helping a business produce revenue, increase leads, improve market standing, enhance name identification and reputation, gain public traction, and pull in opportunities.

Producing revenue comes from many factors such as product and service quality, pricing, marketing, competitive offerings, just to name a few. Reaching out to external business audiences to communicate your message is a crucial component as well, thus PR.

Our Mission 

We service small and mid-sized tech businesses with friendly, professional,

and superior PR. We help our customers grow their business from multiple

communication dimensions. We work on their behalf and provide

highly experienced tech PR, while maintaining a modest cost model,

resulting in a substantial price/performance for tech SMBs.

Our Value Proposition  

Tech companies have a clear need to succinctly and strategically communicate their message, mission, and offerings to the outside world. They need to secure third-party validation and build credibility to be discovered and drive interest and demand. As a valued member of the corporate team, we help make this happen by implementing our multi-dimensional PR program. 

Our Differentiator 

 Many large PR firms charge enormous fees for bloated overhead, expenses, large teams, numerous offices and expanded service   offerings. Despite this, accounts are often passed down to junior personnel to work on accounts. With TechSposure, you get the   best of both worlds:  a highly experienced PR executive, who will fully understand your tech business and who knows how to   accelerate a company’s market exposure, at a fraction of the cost.

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