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The Challenge:  HyperQuality is an outsourcing company focused on providing a quality system for call centers. Frankly, from a PR standpoint, this is not the easiest type of company to promote. However, we were able to secure more than 100 stories for the company. 


A Few Highlights Resulting From Our Efforts:












For HyperQuality, a company focused on providing quality for call centers, we leveraged every element from the standpoint of business angles, corporate assets, competencies, and industries.


For press, we secured stories with reporters from magazines covering business, local news, quality, call centers, customer relationship management, direct marketing, and data management. 


We also leveraged customers and their related industries, seasonal events, awards, and surveys. We secured over 100 stories in support of the company and media about venture capital, best practices, new hires, new customer wins, surveys, and other news and features. 


"I hired Dave at Techsposure to help HyperQuality, a quality assurance outsourcer, increase brand awareness and leads. His team was very successful at generating press for us. We had well over 100 articles published and we saw a big spike in our awareness and sales during that time. I would highly recommend his company to anyone looking for great PR support with results you can count on," Sarah Boeding Schwitters. 

Story about VC capital secured.

Story about a client's customer and tying in client

Story about companies using high-tech tools. Company CEO included in story. 

Story about VC capital secured for client. 

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