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The Challenge:  Caveo was a startup in every sense of the word. We worked with the company, and its chief executives and developmental staff to create a diversified and aggressive PR program. This included writing, various press interviews, product reviews, demos, and media outreach across the U.S.  We secured a plethora of coverage in trade press, consumer press, business press, national dailies, major metro papers, online, and with reviewers. 


We leveraged the first/best/only elements of the product vis a vis the competition and leveraged the heck out of this message. The results were simply fantastic. As you can see above, these were just some of the story placements we secured.


A Few Highlights Resulting from Our Efforts:

















Making Sure Your Laptop Won't Stray

By David Pogue, The New York Times

"...when the alarm goes off, the Caveo software also shuts down your machine and won't permit it to be turned on again until somebody types in a 16-character password. The Caveo card's execution is superb..."


During our Campaign:  

"Our board is pleased, our investors are happy, our product sales are picking large part due to your public relations work." Gail Greenwald, COO, Caveo Technology  


A few years later:

Gail Greenwald, Experienced Technology Executive and Angel Investor

"I hired Dave for PR support at Caveo. He was successful in securing a large number of news stories, including feature stories about the company and its executives, analyst and product reviews, etc. (including some big media including The New York Times). Dave was cost-effective and a pleasure to work with."








Title: Making Sure Your Laptop Won't Stray

Sum: Secured business section cover story for client about its business and consumer product.

Title: Laptop Theft and Security

Sum: Secured major story for client's new product launch.

Title: Motion Detection

Sum: Secured cover story in business section for client's new patented motion technology.

Title: Motion Technology
Sum: Secured cover story for client's new technology platform and product.

Title: Laptop Security Hits the Streets

Sum: Secured several stories thru CNN media about client's new product.

We secured a TV segment on New England Cable News, which did a demo of the product in action and its security benefits for consumers. 

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