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The Challenge:  Launching new technology expos and conferences that were coming to market. Keeping the leadership position in place for top trade shows. Battling it out for market supremacy against competitors. Working with myriad press, analysts, vendors, speakers on behalf of each show. 


A Few Highlights Resulting From Our Efforts:



















Literally, tens of thousands of stories were produced on behalf of DCI over the years. A myriad of trade shows were supported through public relations. This is a snapshot of our efforts.


DCI had numerous IT events around the U.S. and Canada. We developed individual PR programs for each of them which included pre launch, on-site promotions, and post launch. The program was multi-faceted with more than 100 steps per event. 


Communication tools were written with key messages and delivered to press and analysts. Tools included news releases, media advisories, letters, emails, postcards, brochures, hard copy and online press kits, faxes, various show material, and Web content. 


Interviews were setup between press and event chair, speakers, and exhibitors. A mini PR campaign was developed for issues, exhibitor and new product announcements, speakers and their presentations. National outbound PR took place for press who were attending and mailers were sent for press not attending. A local PR campaign with TV, radio, newspapers, and business press occurred. 

Participation from numerous well-known business executives, authors, and luminaries were leveraged with the intent of getting high level press on behalf of the person speaking but also the event itself. 






Title: CIO Roundtable

Sum:  Eight-page cover story. Spread included several sidebars, photos, quotes, and stats. 

Title: The Trend in Data Warehousing

Sum: Secured lead cover story for client about emerging data warehousing trend.

Title: Ballmer at DCI Conference

Sum: Secured cover story regarding Microsoft's Steve Ballmer's presentation in Phoenix.

Title: Microsoft and Data Warehousing

Sum: Secured lead cover story for client about Microsoft participating and announcing data warehousing  

We developed a news story around the holidays and secured a cover story in The Boston Herald with Santa dnating a computer to a school in Boston.

Title: Data Mining

Sum: Secured cover story in this major metropolitan newspaper for client's event.

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