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The Challenge:  Modcomp had an established name and product in the market but needed a boost to its PR. We were brought in to ramp up the company's PR efforts and try to strengthen its market leadership. 


A Few Highlights Resulting From Our Efforts:











We provided three different programs for Modcomp. We had campaigns for corporate PR which included securing media and analyst coverage for business announcements, partnerships, customer wins, and entry into new markets.


We provided comprehensive product support which included coverage for product extensions and new capabilities such as e-business, CRM, and wireless. This effort also included reviews, inclusion into buyer's guides, and product interviews. 


And we implemented a thought leadership program which included bylines, features, quotes in stories, and press interviews. We also secured a regular monthly column and a cover story per above. 

Our team delivered comprehensive product support for ViewMax, including reviews, buyer's guides, new product releases, new capabilities for product, new customers.

A full-fledge thought leadership program was implemented that included feature stories with executive byline, press interviews, and quotes in stories.


"I hired Dave while overseeing marketing at a large IT organization. He did an excellent job promoting the company, our products, and our executives. We received numerous stories when we signed customers and partners, and when we entered new markets or introduced new product capabilities. He also implemented a thought leadership program, which resulted in numerous feature stories about our executives and expert quotes in industry-wide stories from well-regarded analysts. I highly recommend Dave for any company looking for PR support," Rob Crigler, VP of Marketing. 


Title: Regular Column
Sum: Secured monthly column about Web services for client.

Title: Mobile Phone Portal
Sum: Secured cover story for client's new WAP portal server.

Title: WAP and Portal Management
Sum: Secured cover story for client's bylined article that we wrote.

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