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Companies generate information from within their organization. PR helps them communicate their information to the outside world. This blog post takes a look at how and why.

Learn more about Diffusion of Innovations to help you better promote new products.

Having an understanding of how communication (comm) is shaped and has developed over the years helps understand media, and the practice of corporate media relations. This analysis and understanding can be done by considering long-standing communication theories.

In this...

TechSposure’s executives have played a significant role over the years helping to launch the data management and business intelligence field. Looking back, here's a summary of how we helped shape the current market space and technical domains as we now know them.




You’ve spent thousands of dollars for your next tech trade show booth. You have staff flying in and booking hotels, you’re spending on marketing materials, and you need to meet and reach as many new people as possible at these events.


However, you need to know how to...


The mistake many companies make in launching a startup is to ramp up for the launch and then say, “Now it’s time for PR.” This is a faulty approach. PR has a developmental process just like the buildup of a new company, and should be developed in parallel to tasks bei...

                                                         A Primer on Blogger Relations


                   *Excerpt from...

January 13, 2016

Stop the presses! The news release is not dead.


I keep reading articles and blog posts that the press release or more appropriately named the new release is dead. It’s in retirement, archaic. I would contest that these practitioners are not involved in media relations...


Numerous tech companies sell products, services, and solutions in vertical industries.  PR should play a big role in helping to do so.


But what are some of the specific PR strategies a tech company can deploy to target their efforts by industry?


1. Press Releases.  Th...

February 9, 2015

Below is our recent blog post that recently ran in Wired Innovation Insights. 

It’s gotten a lot tougher for companies to find new business, and the days of sending emails and cold calling as primary sales tools are long gone.  


Now, your potential customer wants to fin...

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How to Promote Your Tech Business in a Vertical Industry

October 30, 2015

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