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The Challenge:  FolderWave was helping several colleges and universities around the U.S. and was a growing company that needed to get more industry awareness about its accomplishments and offerings. 

A Few Highlights Resulting From Our Efforts:












We put forth a PR program on behalf of FolderWave. For this program, we implemented our branch strategy:  reaching out to various press that would be interested in this story. We created targeted press lists for each audience and customized our message for each grouping.


We leveraged news releases, customers, research reports, bylined articles written by the company and by our staff, features written by journalists and focusing on our client or president of the company, quote inclusion in story roundups, president interviews, opinion pieces, and best practices. We also re-purposed company material to gain exposure and market awareness.  

To address messaging, along with developing corporate messages for buyer needs, we leveraged several themes such as use and benefits, best practices, security concerns, financial savings, and future trends. 


For instance, we were able to secure coverage on behalf of our client with press covering cloud computing, national and local business, local companies, local college and universities, technology, higher education, higher education associations, consulting, case studies, bloggers, and others. The impact was quite significant.


We netted numerous full-length news and feature stories about the company and given all this exposure and awareness, the company was bumped up and visible on page one of a Google search for related keywords and industry topics.  

Title: Enrollment Management Startup FolderWave breaks out of stealth

Sum: BBJ did a company profile with a photo of the president 

EdTech Magazine published a four-part feature series on behalf of the company and its president. Click here to see part one of this national series. 

North American Business Review published a multi-page spread with graphics with the president's bylined article. 

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