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The Challenge:  ClickSoftware was a private company that had developed a powerful service chain optimization tool, allowing companies to create and modify service schedules with ease. Despite the superiority of its product, the company had not gotten the level of editorial coverage it deserved. 


A Few Highlights Resulting From Our Efforts:











(ClickSoftware's) ClickSchedule: Fulfilling E-Commerce Through Online Scheduling

By Hugh Bishop & Chris Martins

Aberdeen Conclusions 

(ClickSoftware's) ClickSchedule has wide-ranging potential in any Web-based, or soon-to-be, processes that would benefit from intelligent scheduling. Insurance firms could have self-scheduled claims adjuster appointments; healthcare providers could implement self-scheduled "wellness visits." Government agencies could generate untold goodwill if appointments for motor vehicle or property-related business could be scheduled online - a welcome alternative to the usual endless lines. ClickSchedule is the kind of practical, real-world solution that can empower end-users and make online engagements a truly fulfilling experience.


Our Campaign
We implemented an aggressive and comprehensive public relations campaign, targeted to national, business press and targeted trade publications. The campaign, which consisted of press releases, case studies, and a thought leadership element, garnered a high volume of media hits ,which raised the company's and CEO's profiles among industry influencers and increased sales of its core product. Speaking engagements and numerous editorial meetings at trade shows reinforced the company's message and raised its visibility. About a year after beginning our work with ClickSoftware, the company felt it was positioned to go public. We handled all of the media-related activities for the IPO, both before and on-site at NASDAQ headquarters, securing coverage in high-profile media outlets such as CNN/fn, CNBC, MSNBC, and CBS MarketWatch.


Return on Investment
Our efforts benefited ClickSoftware in a variety of tangible ways. To begin with, sales of the company's core product increased measurably. More importantly, many of these sales were to service-industry leaders, whose use of the product was tantamount to a high-profile testimonial. The PR campaign, according to the CEO, was instrumental in the company's decision to go public; in fact, the company's offering was the featured IPO of that month at NASDAQ. Follow-up coverage of ClickSoftware, improved both its financial status and its product awareness continued to provide the company with much-needed exposure and helped the company maintain its status.



Title: ClickSoftware's IPO
Sum: Our client was the feature story for the morning broadcast on CNBC. We also secured coverage in Dow Jones, and numerous other outlets.


Customer Support Magazine

Cover Story

Title: Servicing the Customer Technology Style
Sum: Secured cover story for client's service chain optimization product.

Secured national business story about IPO. 

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