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The Challenge:  Anubis Solutions was a startup organization from Silicon Valley that sold data warehouse acceleration tools. The company received investment capital to launch itself and to hire a public relations firm. Anubis wanted to penetrate the marketplace to establish itself for short-term growth and profitability.


A Few Highlights Resulting From Our Efforts:









Included in our DM Review Story:  This is a very exciting time for Anubis. In just two years, we have emerged as a leader in innovative, next generation data warehouse technology; our flagship product, Constructa, has been named by The Data Warehousing Institute to the top six pioneering products of 1998. Our end-to-end data warehousing solutions are delivering tremendous value to our clients.


Our Campaign
We implemented our corporate launch program. We created PR documents to deliver to press, analysts, influencers, customers, and partners. We coordinated numerous press interviews, news releases, and feature stories. These efforts resulted in several bylined articles, news stories, buyer's guide listings, and product reviews. One product review landed on the cover of the most influential data warehouse magazine and this exposure established a strong foothold for the company.


Return on Investment
Obviously, at its inception, the company had zero market presence. One year later, the company was considered one of the top 50 data warehouse firms (out of thousands) in the country. Shortly after, the company was purchased by a larger organization due to its market leadership position and customer base, both of which were aided by our public relations campaign.


Upon completion of the sale, the vice president of the company said to us, "We were just bought by a larger organization, partially because of the industry awareness you built for our company. Thanks for all of your help."

Title: Faster, Better, Cheaper
Sum: Cover Story secured by us for Anubis' new data warehouse product.

Title: These Partners are Fast

Sum: Secured international story about client's new partnership deal that was tied to its data warehouse acceleration tools.

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