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The Challenge:  Taxware International developed accounting, tax, and e-commerce software that far outstripped the competition's products. Yet, despite this superiority, media and press coverage were virtually non-existent. Frustrated by this inequity, the CEO became convinced that a strong public relations campaign could be instrumental in reversing this trend. We competed against several other PR firms for this engagement and were selected.


A Few Highlights Resulting From Our Efforts: 


















Our Campaign

Our aggressive PR campaign to promote Taxware's products gained immediate coverage in various trade publications. But the real success of this campaign resulted from our issue campaign around the highly charged debate on Internet taxation. We put the focus squarely on the CEO and positioned him as an industry expert. In doing so, we secured hundreds of clips allowing the CEO to air his position as a respected observer of the Internet taxation issue. Our efforts also helped get the CEO on the panel at two high-profile Internet taxation forums in San Francisco and Washington, D.C. which included the CEOs of several Fortune 500 companies and various high-level government officials.

Return on Investment
With full-blown exposure in publications like Business Week and broadcast coverage on shows like C-SPAN and Moneyline, Taxware received hundreds of inquiries from people looking to partner with the company, speak at its events, and purchase its products. Even more, the company significantly outdistanced its main competitor for coverage and market position. 


Our campaign was so successful and so well-executed that it was recognized with a prestigious award in the Public Affairs and PR Campaign from a major industry organization, beating out hundreds of national PR firms.









Title: The Tax Man Cometh
Sum: CEO was featured in a two-page story with a large graphic of his likeness.

Title:  The Man with the Plan

Sum: Secured full-page photo with two page story featuring CEO 

Title:  Internet Taxation
Sum:  Lined-up reporter to tape keynote presentation and hearing for client.

Title: States Test Systems for e-Commerce Taxation
Sum:  Cover story on behalf of client and the battle on Internet taxation systems.

Title:  Internet Taxation: The Coming Squeeze
Sum: Eight-page cover story featuring our client as industry expert.

Title:  Internet Taxation-Let the Debate Begin

Sum:  Our client was the featured corporation on this national issue. 

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