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The Challenge

Zygo Corporation designs, manufactures, and distributes high-end optical systems and components for metrology and end-user applications. Several years ago, the company introduced a new in-process metrology tool called the Simetra, which it claimed was "the world's first 3D optical interferometer capable of relational measurements between planes." The initial target applications included advanced fuel injectors, anti-lock brake systems, precision seals and other critical automotive parts. The challenge? Although Zygo had a solid reputation as a technology leader, it had virtually no applications in the automotive market.

Our Campaign
We developed an aggressive PR campaign, targeted mainly to the automotive industry trade publications. A concise, well-written press release generated significant interest among automotive-industry editors and other influencers. These led to in-person and telephone interviews with the developers of Simetra, as well as technology reviews and case studies from beta users.


Return on Investment
A tremendous amount of coverage was generated in the automotive press, which ultimately created a buzz within the industry. Zygo began to field scores of calls from automotive manufacturers inquiring about the new technology, which resulted in several high-profile sales.


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