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The Challenge:  RCG IT, a global leader in information technology solutions and services, had been in business since 1974 and had gained a solid reputation among its current client base. But without a proactive public relations campaign, the business wasn't growing as quickly as it should have. Because RCG had expertise in a number of different technologies, there was an opportunity to spread positive messaging about the company.

A Few Highlights Resulting From Our Efforts:







Our Campaign

TechSposure executives implemented an aggressive PR program encompassing a variety of tactics, including a strong editorial program, speaking engagements, case studies, white papers, syndicated columns, and more. We also implemented these tactics for each of the company's individual technology areas. In doing so, the head of each technology segment became established as an expert in their respective industries.

Return on Investment
Within a short time, these tactics resulted in a plethora of media coverage, as well as exposure among industry influencers. The coverage was both horizontal and vertical: stories appeared in media covering each of the company's technology areas, as well as general business publications. Perhaps the most important outcome was the fact that editors and reporters began seeking out the company's expertise on various technology issues, i.e., the PR effort went from outgoing to incoming. The company became very well-known locally, regionally, and nationally. Even more, they expanded their business to other parts of the world and PR had a major impact in reaching global markets.


"Your achievements were made possible by your excellent grasp of our mission and service products."
Jon Deutsch, Senior VP, RCG IT



Title: Regular Guest Column
Sum: Secured monthly full-page feature column for client's executive vice president.

Title: Business Intelligence

Sum: Secured major case study that we wrote for client and its customer.

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