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Leverage Your Trade Show Investment by Deploying Strong PR at Event

A lot of tech companies participate in trade shows to try and find new business. However, many fall short by not maximizing PR opportunities that exist at the show or that can be generated by a savvy PR professional. Find out more here. 


PR for the Tech Startup

What are some ways that a PR program can help a tech startup get noticed, get established and get business in the marketplace? Click here for more info. 


How Can You Promote Your Business in Vertical Industries?

For companies that focus on vertical industries, they'll want to leverage the power of PR to try and establish a presence in those industries. Here's how. 


Six Strategies to Grow Your Business

The way we try to grow our business has changed dramatically over the last few years. Cold calling and email blasts only go so far. Here are six methods to consider to find new customers. Read here. 


Does PR Help a Company Increase Revenue?

PR can help generate leads, bring in website visitors, persuade prospects, and establish market traction which play an important role in new business revenue.

Find out more here.  


What is the True Value of PR for a Tech Company?

Is PR worth the investment? What are some concrete ways that PR can help a company find new business and grow to the next level. Find out more here.  

Getting More Business Leads

Companies often ask if PR leads to more revenue. It's a fair question. And it's a question that could be asked of many disciplines such as advertising, blogging, social media, and others. 

The key is to align your PR plan with your business goals. As you will see on our page titled, "How we do it," PR can play a major role in helping companies generate business and support new business efforts, and bring in new leads, which if nurtured properly, can lead to new sales and revenue. 

I often ask people to think about what they thought when they read a strong, positive review about new product A,  and a sour, not-so-flattering review about product B. From the get go, they're likely to lean towards the former. Now, multiply that times several media impressions that strongly recommend product A and strongly recommend staying away from product B. 

Even more, if you read about product A in other media outlets, see the company CEO speak at an event, and find their social media accounts are active and upbeat, well, that's likely all the more reason to strongly consider product A. 

That, in a nutshell is the power of PR, However, PR can help generate more business leads from so many ways. Again, I refer you to "How we do it." 

Over time, we will address many of the ways that PR can help a business grow and get more leads. We will also include ideas related to content marketing, search engine optimization and social media. All of these are related to PR and in many cases part of a PR program. 

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