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TechSposure's Action to Traction Plan

Some tech companies do a great job developing technology, but many are unsure how to reach their buying audience.   

They often start with sales and marketing, but sophisticated buyers can perceive this as company bias.  Selective decision makers want to review independent, third-party analysis about a company's product, solutions, and services. 

That's where TechSposure comes in. 

Here's an overview of how our methodology works to help your company grow. We use best practices to develop the overall plan, implementation and measurement. We'll share these strategies with you once we connect.  


Get a full understanding of the company's typical buyer and target audience. Create a PR plan and map out respective demographics, market region, business size and segment them into micro targets.  

Message Framework

With buying audience first in mind, connect brand, messaging and storytelling about company and offerings. Make sure website accounts for comm strategy and background material.   

Company Ambassadors

Work with customers, partners, management and staff for PR opportunities we'll secure. Leverage successes and assets for news, case studies, awards, speaking, stories, content, etc. on your and their end.   

Traditional & Digital PR

PR Feedback Loop - The Impact of PR Success on the Buying Audience

Direct Hit

Potential buying audience reads/views/listens to story. Press share on online sites and social media for further exposure. Various types of editorial and new content made available for choice: text, broadcast, audio, video.

Sales & Marketing

PR successes provide  visibility, credibility and fresh content. PR support sales & marketing efforts for target buying audience. Collateral, campaigns and events showcase PR success of company. 

Buyer's Journey

PR tied into content for each stage of buyer eval and diffusion of innovation. Product news & reviews. Thought leadership builds comfort for potential buyer. 


PR wins can strengthen company's search. Become stronger vs. competitors and more viable choice for buyer. 

Force Multiplier

Stakeholders & public read & share stories. Back links created. Various PR wins help company reach new level of market exposure with buyers - greater awareness,

interest, image and trust.   


Website becomes lively hub for new info. Brings leads in & visitors back. Shows activity & leadership. Educates and informs potential buyers. 

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