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The Challenge

Firefly Technologies, which created high-quality optics for use in a variety of industries, was a well-kept secret, much to the dismay of the company's executives. While the company had a sterling reputation among its customer base, word about Firefly was spreading much too slowly. Consequently, sales were not as brisk as they should have been. More critically, the executives had a business strategy of being acquired or going public but these objectives were beginning to look unrealistic. Firefly needed a fast-paced public relations campaign to raise awareness and gain attention from the investment banking community and larger public companies.


Our Campaign
Because Firefly had never utilized the services of a PR firm, we literally started from scratch. We created a strategic plan, along with a press kit, mission statement, and elevator message. After pitching several of the company's products, we gained a great deal of trade press and other vertical coverage within the first few months. We also helped prepare the company for attendance at a large trade show, producing a targeted press kit and data sheets, as well as setting up multiple meetings with reporters. Following the trade show, the company was approached for acquisition by Zygo Corporation, a large public company looking to expand its fiber optic offerings. We worked closely with both companies to publicize the acquisition, and gained coverage in most of the high-profile business press.


Return on Investment
We not only generated a high level of media and press coverage, we were able to do it in a very short time. The exposure we secured was critical to putting the acquisition in the best possible light (including minimizing the effect of potential layoffs once the deal was complete), and it spread Firefly's name much more rapidly through the various end-user industries to which it marketed its products. The bottom line? Increased sales and the strategic objective of being acquired were both realized.

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