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The Challenge
This data warehouse organizations was a consulting and knowledge-transfer company specializing in designing and implementing data warehouses and associated information delivery systems. Given the reputation of its founder, a data warehousing guru, there was no question that the new entity was established on a solid technological foundation. Still, given the myriad data warehousing consultancies in the marketplace, it would take an aggressive, highly targeted PR campaign to help the executive's business gain a foothold.


Our Campaign
Our strategy was to leverage the strongest asset of the new consultancy: the reputation of the company's founder. The optimal approach was through speaking engagements and expert opinion pieces, as well as positioning as an expert resource for various articles being written on any aspect of the data warehousing field. While these tactics were being pursued, we made a big splash regarding the launch of a new association, highlighting the combination of the president's experience and what he would bring to its client base.


Return on Investment
The results were dramatic. We secured coverage for the company in all of the major data warehousing publications, as well as numerous horizontal technology publications. What's more, reporters began to call on a regular basis seeking his insight and perspective on various data warehousing topics. More importantly, prospects proactively sought out the services of the company, making the sales cycle much shorter and allowing the company to ramp up business far more quickly than expected.


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