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The Challenge

iKnowledge had been in existence for many years and had an extensive marketing program to help increase sales and revenue. The company had an ambitious goal of being a top industry player in the world of content management and distribution in many vertical industries including technology, media, and entertainment. The company had tried public relations in the past and believed wholeheartedly in a PR program but had been unable to find a PR partner that could meet its lofty business goals.


Our Campaign
We developed and implemented a program that was very comprehensive, encompassing numerous PR strategies and tactics. Our team aggressively worked to develop relationships with the company's customers and partners, industry analysts and influencers, and horizontal and vertical press. Two news releases were distributed to a myriad of press and analysts each month. Several analyst appointments were secured. Customer case studies and white papers were written and placed with the media.


Return on Investment
The company moved from one level to another during the year - in large part due to our PR program. This stronger market position enabled the privately held company to implement a long-term strategic business initiative of being purchased by a larger, public corporation.


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