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Helping to Shape the Data Management and Business Intelligence Market Space

TechSposure’s executives have played a significant role over the years helping to launch the data management and business intelligence field. Looking back, here's a summary of how we helped shape the current market space and technical domains as we now know them.

Data Warehousing Movement. As the senior marketing manager for Data Warehouse World, the first data warehouse trade show, we worked closely with one of the top industry analysts’ firms to promote and market the event in numerous venues throughout North America. Data Warehouse World became known as one of the most successful venues for CIOs, IT directors, data warehouse architects, database administrators, and business end-users to obtain knowledge and product information and to network about data warehousing.

Numerous companies launched there and well-known business executives spoke there and we helped to promote both. When Steve Ballmer, CEO, Microsoft keynoted at one of the events and Microsoft entered the data warehousing market, we worked with their team members to promote both the presentation and the announcement, leading to extensive press including cover stories on InformationWeek and eWeek.

Data Mining Movement. In New York, we worked with IBM and the NBA and helped to secure extensive media coverage (including a featured segment on NBC national) about data mining technology being used by some NBA teams during games. Further, we worked with the Arizona Republic and secured a lead cover story on the major metro newspaper about data mining and its impact on business and consumers.

Business Intelligence Movement. As BI became prominent, we worked with industry analysts, thought leaders, marketing influencers, and business leaders to launch the first business intelligence event. This experience led us to represent one of the top BI consultants in the industry, as well as launching and promoting the BI Alliance, a group of some of the most experienced and prominent BI professionals.

Data Quality Companies. We marketed one of the top data quality experts in the industry as he spoke around the country in conferences and seminars. Eventually, this expertise led us to helping various other data quality companies in the industry.

BI Reporting Company. We managed all PR and communications for a large organization that focused on BI analysis, planning, dashboards and reporting.

Data Analytics Company. We provided all corporate PR for a BI company that specialized in BI integration and analytics for organizations with lots of changing data and various data sources.

DW/BI Consulting & Services Companies. We managed all PR for large data warehouse and business intelligence services organizations that worked in various vertical industries, using numerous tools and solutions to help their clients with their DW/BI initiatives. These efforts also included promoting their custom software development projects, application development, training, systems integration, and positioning their executives as thought leaders.

Companies with Comprehensive Data Management Suites. We’ve helped companies that offer numerous data management technologies. For instance, one company provided enterprise information management software, data profiling and quality, data governance, master data management, and meta data management.

Data Warehouse Tool Companies. Over the years, we've promoted several data warehouse companies including one that focuses on data warehouse automation platforms, one that offered DW acceleration tools for the build, and one that provides DW appliances to manage multiple software and hardware packages.

Database Marketing Company. We worked with a company that specialized in building database marketing programs for companies in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries.

Data Visualization Companies. We helped promote several different companies with data visualization technologies. One company built 3D visualization for collaboration, commerce, and virtual worlds. Another company provided data viz software for learning and training, and another organization offered a data viz suite for BI vertical applications.

Database Management Companies. We assisted another company by building their awareness to let the market know about their database performance monitoring and maintenance solution.

Data Movement Solution Company. We helped a company that focused on moving data between Internet protocol-based storage devices to avoid any disruption to applications or end-user operations. This organization was eventually bought by a large, well-known database player.

Today, we see data management evolving even further with Big Data and into many different areas such as data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, virtualization, visualization, and more. The companies that can get out into the market and secure a strong position with an excellent story and powerful messaging will be the ones that will gain greater market share, market leadership and more sales before the market evolves once again.

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