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The Value of Tech Public Relations

You’ve got a great product or service that you’ve spent long hours working on to develop. You’re an established company but need to raise the sales bar for the coming year. All these efforts require a communication platform to get the word out.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways that PR can be the right strategy to do so.

Builds Awareness: Simply put, getting your name and story in front of millions of readers, listeners, viewers, and followers, increases your company’s name recognition, awareness and reputation. PR is a sound practice for reaching a wide audience, but also to target traffic and specific job titles and executives. Remember: “out of sight, out of mind.”

Generates Website Activity:From that awareness comes investigating and analysis. Some who see (hear, view, etc) your company’s name in a story will explore to find out more, but some are in the hunt for your class of product or service and will seek out those in the news. If you’re not mentioned, the prospect will likely check out the companies who are, leaving you behind.

Strengthens Search Engine Optimization: The more your company can be found online (plus quality of story, keywords, etc.) the more clickthroughs you will receive from potential buyers. This results in strengthening your search engine optimization (SEO) and page ranking.

Increases Credibility: One of the key values of PR is the implied “third-party endorsement” that comes from an editorial story, analyst review, award won, and others. These PR wins can then provide a halo effect for marketing, advertising, sales collateral, direct marketing, or presentations to enhance the credibility of these devices created by your company.

Decreases Cost: PR has a much lower spend rate than other forms of marketing communications, while at the same time offering this independent validation, thus, offering a much higher ROI dollar for dollar.

Amplifies Social Media:</strong> Stories that are placed via PR, videos that run, interviews that are taped can all become fresh content for your social media campaign to amplify and increase the conversation, awareness, and engagement with your followers and soon to be followers. With more PR, you can expect to increase the number of new participants who will want to follow and engage with you via SM.

Connect with Buyers: Buyers of IT products and services can be very sophisticated and savvy. Some may be skeptical of corporate outreach programs that try to persuade a sale. Many prefer to do their own research online, read reviews from trusted sources, or hear from other customers.

This is the power of PR. Public relations can increase word of mouth, work with trusted sources and influencers, tie-in customers with testimonials and case studies, and strengthen an online presence. Published content also allows the public to test drive the company’s offerings and to see/hear/feel these products via video, audio, imagery, text, and narrative.

In the end, a multi-faceted PR program will help to drive new leads to the corporation, plant information for those potential new end-users in search of a solution, and strengthen engagement with current customers and stakeholders. Editorial coverage from PR also has a much longer shelf life than other marketing efforts and provides a form of independent validation that helps to win over potential new customers.

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