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Corporate Relevance Assessment

Take this short, 10 question corporate assessment to see how your company is doing to be relevant. Ideally, a company should answer “Yes” to all of these questions. If you answered “No” to any of them, your organization might not be relevant. The more you answered “No,” chances are, the more likely you’re simply not relevant in the industry. The good news is TechSposure can help change this for you and put you on the path towards relevant growth.    

1. Do reporters contact you to be a source for industry stories?

2. Do potential new customers, employees or partners contact you and say that they read about your company in a story and wanted to get in touch?

3. Do you appear up high on web searches for your keywords and phrases?

4. Are you the beneficiary of regular news and feature coverage? Are your customer success stories published? Are you keeping pace with competitive news coverage?

5. Have you worked with industry analysts and have been mentioned in industry reports about your company, products, solutions and/or services?

6. Have any of your company executives spoken at trade or business conferences over the last year?

7. Do thought leaders and influencers mention you in any of their social media communications?

8. Do you have an active public relations program in place for working with partners and customers?

9.  Have you won any industry awards over the last three years?

10. Do you blog and share information on social media on a regular basis? If so, is media coverage and third-party discussion part of your content sharing? 

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