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Our PR Process


Here is a summary of our PR operational model as diagrammed here:  



We identify our client's buyers and develop buyer personas to target them. We'll want to determine their business problems and challenges and segment them into micro targets to focus on. 



We then evaluate your mission, value statement, positioning, and offerings and work on messaging and needed documents to reach out to specific buyer niches. 



From there, in the ideal phase, we would develop a strategic and tactical plan that includes a comprehensive public relations program, social media program, and inbound marketing program. Some companies will opt to go with one of these strategies to start given resources and we can accommodate. As stated earlier, each of these programs have multiple elements to them that we implement. 



As we get your message heard in the marketplace there are numerous steps, feedback loops, and initiatives that will unfold. We'll secure third-party credibility to use for media relations. For stories that are placed, we'll work with your sales and marketing team to leverage those successes. We'll also want to get the media coverage out through social media channels. News releases will be distributed for the press but also directly to your buyer pool. Releases will be formatted for search engines, company branding, and social media. A thought leadership program will be implemented to strengthen your key spokesperson as an expert and to help with inbound efforts. 


* Website:  We will work with you to make your Website a dynamic, vibrant marketing hub for your company. 

* Competition:  We will monitor your competitors to leapfrog those who sell similar products and services. 

* PR Wins:  Getting your message into the hands of analysts, influencers, luminaries, trade shows, etc. 

* Media Wins:  Getting your story read and heard to your buyer pool 

* Social Media Wins:  Getting media coverage, large and small content, interaction heard via these channels

* Inbound Strategy Wins:  Improving your search rankings through content, blogging, optimization, keywords, links



We'll work with your team to help convert visitors to leads, prospects to leads, and leads to customers. We'll also want to continue to reach out to existing stakeholders and show your success and market leadership to improve the chances for future sales, up sells, or cross sells. 



We will measure our efforts and make adjustments along the way. We'll be in sync with other company goals and objectives such as sales (and outlined in the plan that we drafted in step three) and will show how other market improvement is occurring such as search, visitors, links, leads, awareness, and multiple other dimensions tied to both outbound and inbound work. 





















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