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Services Overview


Here is a summary of the services we provide. We'll develop a plan

based on corporate goals and objectives but one overarching goal

is to use PR to try to help "produce revenue." 

PR Firm for Revenue

Corporate PR:  At the start of an account, we host a fact-finding discovery effort and PR audit, SWOT and buyer-first analysis to develop a comprehensive strategic public relations plan and communications strategy. We'll account for inbound and SEO as well. TechSposure provides ongoing research, consultation, and reporting on positioning, planning, and launches to ensure that our PR efforts are linked to your corporate goals and objectives to increase sales and leads based on your horizontal and/or vertical market focus. We then use that plan to develop and implement a multi-faceted corporate PR program that supports and promotes the overall corporate identity and brand in the public marketplace to pursue market leadership. TechSposure will also collaborate with sales and marketing staff so that they can leverage your new PR wins.

* Industry Awards Program        * Trade Show PR Program        * Speaker Placement Program and Promotion

Message Development:  A big part of your success is in your ability to develop and succinctly communicate your messaging. We'll help you develop different message points for your company and offerings to strategically tell your story to influencers, stakeholders, and buyers. We will also account for positioning and uniqueness to help you define, differentiate and dominate your market.  

 *Mission Statement   *Value Proposition  *Product Message Framework *Biographies   *Website    *Boilerplate   *Brand Guidelines *Descriptors    

Stakeholder Relations:   This is a super set of many activities. We'll work with your various partners, employees, and customers to leverage their engagement with your company and promote the success that they've had with your offerings. And if needed, we'll help promote you and your partners in your sales channel. We'll work with your employees to promote them within the industry and under the corporate umbrella.  This will include a comprehensive thought leadership program (bylines stories, blogging, media quotes, op-eds) to promote your executives as captains of the industry and to help with company SEO. This effort includes feature story placements, industry quotes in stories, and guest blogging. Depending on your program, this might also include a program to secure speaking slots in technology, vertical, business and regional trade shows to position your executives as trailblazing industry experts who educate others on concepts and approaches and who can showcase the company in front of potential customers. We'll tie in customers, case studies, board members, partners, and influencers.  

*Partners         *Customers          *Employees         *Thought Leadership         *Channels           *Speaker's Bureau   

Media Relations:   Programs can be designed to reach a specific region, industry, or market and to promote assets such as products, executives, announcements. TechSposure works with companies to develop an announcement calendar for news releases and will nurture relationships with press to ensure the message is being heard. Aggressive follow-up helps to place the story.  We write hard-hitting news releases for press and buyers, execute a push email program, coordinate media interviews and train and prepare you for these sessions.  We will uncover numerous opportunities for submitting articles with your company's name, spokesperson, issues management, quote inclusion, customer case studies, and features about your products and services. 

*News Stories     *Feature Stories     *Editorial Calendars     *Product Reviews      *Industry Analysis Inclusion     *Mass Media Coverage

Analyst Relations:  We have a long-standing track record of working with most of the technology analysts in the industry. These relationships are crucial and can lead to many opportunities for a company, such as inclusion in an industry round-up report, stand-alone reports, mentions to clients or at speaking engagements, mentions in newsletters, and joint opportunities, among others. 

*Two-step flow     *Third-party references      *Write-ups and reports      *Newsletters      *Public testament

Influencer Relations: Along the lines of analysts, but different in focus, are industry influencers. These are influential people who are looked up for guidance and advice given their education and expertise. This can include consultants, industry thought leaders, associations, professors, social media luminaries, bloggers, and others. 

*Networking        *Word of Mouth        *Two-step Flow       *Third-party Credibility

Product PR:  TechSposure is an expert at launching products. We've launched numerous products (brand new, new version, new model, new name, etc.) for myriad companies with various technology focuses, markets, industries, and audiences. We have a multi-faceted program that includes pre, during, and post launch. We work with reviewers (beta and live) to secure positive analysis about your product. We distribute news releases for the product (and new customers), get into buyer's guides, secure awards, and help sell the product via text, image, video, and audio. 

*Launch Plan     *News Release    *Beta Coverage     *Launch Coverage     *Buyer's Guides     *Product Reviews     *Awards     *New Customer News

Inbound PR:  We will put forth a program to help attract buyers and leads. For those incoming leads, we work with your internal team on a conversion and automation program. Inbound efforts will encompass content and blogging (below), but will also include having an optimized Website for search, optimized social media channels for engagement, and efforts to reach buyers directly such as news releases, newsletters, and blogging. We'll work with in-house tech staff to make sure keywords and links are implemented throughout all technical and written infrastructure, while keeping an eye on consistent corporate branding.  

*Keywords     *Links     *Optimization    *Direct-to-Buyer Releases    *Demand Generation    *HubSpot    *Content Marketing     *Blogging     *Social Media


Content Marketing:  It is essential to make your Website a living, breathing communication vehicle. It is also essential to work on building ranking and awareness in the search engines and to have material for engagement through social media channels. The creation and publication of new and fresh content will help with engaging with your buyer audience, sharing ideas, adding industry commentary, building market leadership, and enhancing trust. We'll work with you to create documents such as blog posts, white papers, infographics, ebooks, and numerous other vehicles.

*Blog Posts     *White Papers     *Articles     *eBooks     *Newsletters     *Reports     *Images     *Videos     *Podcasts    *Presentations     *Sharing


Corporate Blogging: TechSposure offers a comprehensive blog program for its clients. This program includes helping companies develop a blog, educating staff members on how to blog, and the promotion and marketing of the blog. We take blog posts and work with clients to turn these into full-fledged industry articles, slide presentations, and audio and video. We also work with companies to secure guest posting opportunities, obtain guest blog posts to increase readership, and monitoring your blog for social media activity. 

*Blog Posts     *Build Blog     *Guest Blog     *Posts to Articles     *Distribute Posts     *Blogger Relations     *Blogging to Social Media     *Blog Comments


Social Media:  If your company is not engaged in social media it makes your brand look dated. A key problem for high-tech companies is that many don't understand the practice or don't have the time. It is imperative that companies are engaged to build relationships through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and other sharing sites. TechSposure will provide a comprehensive social media plan to implement and build relationships. 

*Strategy   *Audience Growth    *Networking   *Marketing   *Optimization  *Ads    *Community Management   *Calendars   *Engagement   *Trust Building   

Communications Writing:  We write news releases, media advisories, pitch letters, bylined articles, case studies, white papers, position papers, newsletters, invitations, press kits, websites, and speeches. Our process begins with background research, followed by interviews with all relevant parties. We then move to the actual writing of the document, which is followed by client approval. We can also produce sales and marketing collateral. 

*News Releases     *Feature Stories     *Case Studies     *Website Copy     *Press Kits     *Pitch Letters     *Newsletters     *Brochures     *Data Sheets

ROI and Measurement: Tying together the PR program requires measurement and analysis to align with corporate goals and objectives. We will create a grid to monitor and evaluate our efforts and you'll see inbound increasing, activity skyrocketing, and industry engagement underway. We'll leverage success of one effort to aid with other efforts. These push and pull efforts will come together to improve the company's bottom line as well its position in the industry. We'll also keep an eye on key competition and implement leapfrogging strategies to surpass them.  

*Tied to Plan     *Sales     *Leads     *Subscribers     *SM Audience     *Search Ranking     *Link Backs     *Site Tracking     *Indexed by Google

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