Why TechSposure?

Because tech companies require more than sales and marketing to achieve their revenue potential. 


Because your tech company needs a proven communicator with an innovative PR skill set who can reach,

inform and engage with future customers, industry influencers and corporate stakeholders. Because we

clearly explain to industry influencers and buyers in the public marketplace why your company can make a

difference in each of their lives.

Because helping tech companies build their business into a market leader is our passion and why we exist. 

​And what can you expect when working with TechSposure?  You can expect world-class PR management tailored to your company’s goals and objectives. As an extension to your marketing department, we'll provide near-daily representation on your behalf with press, market influencers and publics/stakeholders with professional, swift and personalized service.


Because we have extensive experience helping companies from startup to Fortune 500.


There are various scenarios for a company needing TechSposure's services. 



Companies in startup mode are busy building the business, developing product, and getting systems in place. PR and communications should run parallel with those efforts. As products are being developed, a PR plan should be developed and implemented as well. 

When press, analysts, and the outside market ask the company president, "Tell me about your company," you need to be prepared to answer this question succinctly. Material and content will need to be developed. Training will need to occur. Getting a website and other communication tools launched that are effective and optimized will need to happen. Meeting with the press to talk about the company's vision and plans should take place. There are multiple steps in introducing and launching a company, executives, and products, and we've done it myriad times and for many years. 


A company growing and that is established with infrastructure and product, solutions, and/or services will need a strong PR presence. A growth company would likely have product offerings that have been tweaked over some time but lack in outreach and inbound. The company probably has someone doing some sales and marketing; perhaps attends trade shows and sends releases out over the wire. But this is only a portion of what needs to occur to take the enterprise to the next level of sales. TechSposure will build an entire program or begin with a project implementation with both being based on goals, objectives, and budget. 


We have helped various companies that have had a PR agent or agency on board that were ineffective in producing results. Or, perhaps a company had someone handling PR internally, but the person didn't have the relevant experience or was held back due to other marketing duties. In situations like this, TechSposure has been called upon to help. To start, we perform an audit to determine what is missing and immediately develop and deploy and manage a comprehensive turnaround plan on your behalf.  And if budget is a concern, we can likely offer competitive costs vis a vis other PR program options given our low overhead model.    

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PR Success for New PR Efforts  


Title: Intranets in a Box

Sum: Secured cover story for client new product. Story led to 250,000 Web site hits in one day.




Title: Ten Strategies for Mobile Computing Security
Sum: Secured major cover story for client's bylined article. Product line sold shortly after. 

Client Success Examples

PR Success for Startups

Title:  Faster, Better, Cheaper

Sum: Secure major cover story for Anubis' new data warehouse product.

Title: Data Warehousing Meets Healthcare

Sum: Secured four-page cover story for Optas's bylined article

PR Success for Growing Companies


Title: The Tax Man Cometh

Sum: Our client's CEO was featured in a two-page story. Business Week also included a large graphic of his likeness.



Title: Home Arrest
Sum: Secured major story in NYT for client's new product and solution.