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                      You Develop the Tech Solution.                                         We'll Tell the World About It. ​​     

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Get better known and become more relevant to reach, attract and entice new buyers and win more business.

If your tech offerings are perceived as irrelevant, you're likely losing business to competitors with superior PR and market presence. (Check here to see if your company is industry relevant.)

Enter TechSposure.  

We design and implement our "action to traction" PR program to ramp up your awareness, trust, credibility, and authority to help you engage with your buying audience and grow your business.   

Book written by TechSposure founder and principal

Contact us to get your FREE PR/communications audit and assessment so you can learn new ways to reach more buyers.   

Without the proper PR strategy in place, you're likely missing out on new business deals to companies leveraging tech PR. Here's why...

Not Found Online

  • Not being found online - low SEO 

  • Insufficient online press coverage 

  • Decrease in interest/excitement   

  • Losing to competitors w/ online PR

Website Not Known

  • Weaker inbound w/o PR content 

  • Less site visitor engagement  

  • Decrease in return site visits 

  • Weak head-to-head comparisons   

No Industry Authority

  • Not mentioned in industry stories

  • Competition mentioned in stories

  • Product not covered by 3rd-parties

  • Missing out on thought leadership

No Word of Mouth

  • Analysts not reporting about you

  • Press not covering your offerings

  • Decrease in pass-around stories

  • Not part of the industry conversation

Results-Driven PR:  Examples of Our Success for Clients

Mergers, Acquisitions & Board

  • Exposure helps company get purchased 

  • PR plays keen role in product line sell off 

  • PR builds trust with acquisition

  • Press helps recruit new board members

Strategic PR 

  • Entry and support into IPO

  • Securing investment funding 

  • Crisis management during acquisition

  • Entry into new vertical markets  

Increase in Sales

  • PR program helps spike new sales

  • PR coverages shortens sales cycle

  • PR used by partners for new sales

  • PR helps schedule new sales calls  

Employee Engagement

  • Improvement of recruiting process

  • Awards won about workplace culture

  • Thought leadership opps for execs

  • Internal communications with staff

Reinforced Marketing

  • 250,000 hits to website after story runs

  • Increase in market awareness & search

  • Product reviews bring in new leads

  • Program helps marketing with alliances

Inspirational PR

  • Awards won about company/product

  • Speaking in public venues

  • Sharing press coverage w/ stakeholders

  • Trade show success from event PR 

"Dave's efforts helped the company quickly go from start-up to a recognized market player." Ravya Taghavi, Director of Marketing

"We had well over 100 articles published and saw a big spike in our awareness and sales." Sarah Boeding Schwitters, Director of Marketing

"Our board is pleased, our investors are happy, our product sales are picking large part due to your public relations work."
Gail Greenwald, COO

Don't miss out on new business opportunities simply because your competitors have better PR than you. Your potential buyers deserve choice. And you deserve to be heard from and have your tech offerings considered. 

Here's How You Get Started

PR Office

2. We'll Create Your Plan

Business Execution Implementation Process Workflow.jpg

3. We'll Execute Your Plan

Business growth concept picture for business growth abstract background..jpg

4. Get Better Known &    More Relevant. Reach, Attract and Entice New Buyers.      

Total PR Experience:

Companies Served:

27 Years

82 Businesses

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