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Branching out with PR

Branch strategy is a key methodology that we have created and deployed on many occasions. We recently had a call with a potential client, and as we were talking I explained to the CEO of the company the thinking behind the branch strategy. Basically, all companies looking to improve on their messaging, awareness, and business leads typically start off with a specific goal (s) and objective (s). From the PR end, it is the role of the consultant to take that message and create as many opportunities to promote that message to reach targeted, potential prospects.

For example, this recent advisory call discussed the company's new scheduling application program. This scheduler is an ideal platform for schools, families, sports, events, etc. After performing a fact-finding meeting or what we also call a "brain dump," we then create multiple story lines to get the word out to millions of people. For the scheduler, this might include a mini campaign to reach press that cover topics related to: education, technology, families, moms, dads, kids, time management, consumer issues, lifestyle, new products, among many others. If you take each of these targets and multiply them times X number of publications (both online and offline) and include horizontal media such as tv and radio, well, as you can see, you have a myriad of opportunities to reach millions of people. And, this is only one strategy that we draw up as part of a PR plan.

Give it some thought...start with the big picture (the stump) and break it down to multiple branches to maximize your potential for coverage and visibility.

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